Monday, September 26, 2016

Vancouver Toy Junkies Show 2016

The fall season is in full swing and that means it's time again for my favorite toy show of the year!  I don't go to many "shows" for toys or anything that I collect. We do hit a couple of comic cons and local toy shops here and there but this is the premiere show to buy vintage toys in Oregon. It's the one that I can go to and know that I will be coming home with something that fits my unique interests. There are vendors that sell more modern toys but this is mostly made up of folks that have a big passion for old school items.

The Vancouver Toy Junkies and Record Show is held in Vancouver, Washington at the Pearson Air Museum at Fort Vancouver National Park.  It's about a 90 minute drive north for us but worth the trip. We have been visiting this event for a few years now and attend the "early bird" opening of the show to get first dibs on all the amazing items that many of the vendors have.  Mike McLaugherty is the spearhead of this show.  He has really managed to bring together many of the local toy shops and various private collectors to come to one place in unison.  It's the most easy going and friendly show that I attend.  I'm sure it's not an easy thing to do but it comes off to the patrons as a well oiled machine.

What else can I say about this show?  Well how about some of the great items I was able to find. I am a HUGE lunch box collector.  I look for everything from the super old metal boxes to the newer plastic boxes.  I purchased about 6 boxes through out the day and a couple are below.

I couldn't say more about the lunch boxes.  I believe The Karate Kid is from a short lived cartoon. We all remember Tiny Toons and the Wonderful World of Disney is just pure classic.  I love the old man from the Haunted House attraction.  So old school!  Most of these boxes came with thermoses also!  Anymore the thermoses are harder and generally more expensive than the box itself.

Being a collector in his 30's I think I can speak for a lot of people my age that tend to look for toys that they either had when they were kids or had wanted as children.  You are more than likely guaranteed to find something from your child hood at this show.  An example above are a couple of Terminator 2 action figures I owned as a child.  Their is nothing special about them.  I don't even know how successful the line was overall even.  I ended up purchasing 4 in the set but these 2 are the coolest.  They look as if they hadn't even been pulled from the original plastic shell.

I could go on and on about this show.  It's something I highly recommend experiencing for yourself. In all their is a part of us that still has that child inside.  A part of you that sometimes you want to revisit and connect with.  This show is a place for that.  It's a place to see old friends and make new pals.  It's a place to take your 6 year old son who is only really learning about life.  A place to bring your 22 year old daughter who hasn't quite let go of the child hood spirit we all have.  It's a place to make memories and be fond of for years to come.

**Update 9.28.16 - Check out Krystal D's review of the show by clicking here!  It's a great read!


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